Artistic Signature

Top decision makers do not live in a world of dry facts and figures; the decisive foundation of their success lies in creativity and the power of vision, the ability to perceive things in ways that are new and different to the mainstream. These special qualities are often ignored in the public debate about managers, but decision makers in particular face a multitude of decisions requiring creative, innovative and pioneering approaches every day. This requires the necessary spirit and boldness seek out for unconventional solutions. Creativity is a key competence of modern management which must be demanded and fostered.

Visionary power through oil on canvas

The Vienna Congress com·sult traditionally allows for this aspect through its “Artistic Signatures” by inviting the com·sult keynote speakers and VIPs to address the com·sult theme as artists. This year, top decision makers were requested to express themselves and show their true colors using acrylic paint on canvas. People who have never painted before are guided by an artist and are shown techniques that are easy to apply. Every picture expresses each person’s individuality in the art series “Artistic Signatures”, which will be exhibited at the Evening Gala.

The past com·sult “Artistic Signatures” have been extremely successful – both among the participants and the audience. The com·sult artists include Jack Welch, Michael Eisner, Steve Forbes, Mark Spitz, Jimmy Wales, Karl Schranz, Aaron Peirsol, Veit Sorger, Claus Raidl, ElBaradei, Buzz Aldrin, Carl Djerassi, Wiktor Juschtschenko, Hans Dietrich Genscher, Jerzy Busek, Fürst Hans-Adam II, Toni Innauer, Leo Windtner, Klaus Kinkel, Alexander Wrabetz and Georg Pölzl. The managers are given professional artistic support during this event, allowing them to express their visions quickly, impressively and powerfully.