Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Guidelines for the Vienna Congress com·sult 2020


1.1 Payment of the participation fee  €990 (excluding VAT) shall entitle the payer to the following services: participation in the entire congress (including all lectures, roundtables and workshops), entry to the trade show accompanying the congress, refreshments during breaks, lunch and participation in the closing event. The VIP packages are not included in the participation fee.

2. Scope

2.1 The conditions defined in the registration form and the General Terms and Conditions defined below shall apply to contracts pertaining to participation in the congress (the Event).

2.2 These Terms and Conditions shall take precedence over any conflicting terms and conditions submitted by the congress participant.

2.3 A contract pertaining to participation in the Event shall only be concluded once the congress organiser has confirmed the participant’s registration in writing (including via e-mail or mobile communications).

3. Registration Conditions

3.1 Registration for the Vienna Congress com·sult 2020, which is to be held on 28. January 2020, shall only be accepted if the provided registration form is used. After your registration has been received, an invoice will be sent to you by e-mail or by post. Upon receipt of the amount due, we will send you the participation confirmation for the Vienna Congress com·sult 2020. It may not be possible to confirm registrations submitted after 22. January 2020 before the date of the congress, but they are still binding; in this case, registration shall take place at the com·sult reception desk. Registration at the Event is possible for an extra fee.

3.2 The congress organiser shall have the right to reject registration for the Event without providing reasons.

4. Cancellation of Events

4.1 The congress organiser shall have the right to cancel an event for financial reasons – for example, if there are not enough participants. In this case, the congress organiser shall refund any participation fees that have already been paid. No additional claims may be made in relation to the cancellation of an event.

5. Changes in the Event Programme

5.1 If any of the presenters are unable to perform the agreed service at the appointed time due to force majeure, illness, accident or any other circumstances that are beyond the congress organiser’s control, the congress organiser shall have the right to hire a replacement presenter or set an alternate date without any obligation to pay compensation for damages.

5.2 The congress organiser reserves the right to make reasonable changes to announced programmes and to change presenters; this shall not entitle participants to compensation for damages.

5.3 The congress organiser reserves the right to substitute or cancel individual lectures in the event that circumstances require such action.

6. Use of Event Documents

6.1 The congress participant agrees to respect the presenters’ copyrights for all works created by the presenters (presentation documents, etc.). The duplication and/or distribution of such works by the congress participant requires the prior written consent of the presenter.

6.2 Participants are not authorised to copy licensed material that is distributed for training and informational purposes. In this context, licensed material shall be defined as data processing programs and/or licensed datasets (databases) in a machine readable format, including the associated documentation.

6.3 By booking the congress, the participant agrees to allow the congress organiser to use any photos, sound recordings or videos taken during the Event for the media and for marketing purposes.

6.4 The permission to process your data can be revoked any time by e-mail addressed to office@create-connections.com. Please note in this context, that it is compulsory to provide the requested data and to give the express consent to the data processing in order to access the offers and services concerning the Event.

7. Liability

7.1 Claims for damages against the congress organiser due to impossibility of performance, culpa in contrahendo or tortious acts shall be excluded, provided that no intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence has occurred.

7.2 The congress organiser shall accept no liability whatsoever for the information presented, neither for the correctness or completeness of such information nor in relation to whether such information is free of third-party rights or whether the presentation of such information is illegal or immoral.

8. Cancellation

8.1 Please be aware that we will charge a €100 cancellation fee if your registration is cancelled after 22. January 2020 (registration deadline) or if you do not show up to the congress. Please, note that the cancelation costs are also settled with nonappearance, should you have registered yourselves for a free participation (e.g., with a partner code). However, a representative may attend the congress on your behalf. Such a representative may be appointed at any time, and no additional costs will be incurred. Notice of cancellation must be submitted in writing (via E-Mail to office@create-connections.com).

9. Payment of the Participation Fee

3.1 The participation fee for the Vienna Congress com·sult 2020 in the amount of € 990,– (excluding VAT) must be paid within one week of receiving the invoice.

9.2 The participation fee must be paid in full before the start of the Event. A banking fee in the amount of €7.00 shall be charged for foreign bank transfers/cheques.

9.3 If any portion of the invoice amount is still unpaid on the date of the congress, the congress participant shall not be entitled to participate in the congress. Registration is binding for the congress participant.

10. Final Provisions

10.1 In the event that any one provision of these General Terms and Conditions is invalid in part or in full, or in the event that the contract contains a loophole, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the contract or parts of these provisions. Any invalid or missing provisions shall be replaced by the applicable legal regulations. The parties shall execute the Terms and Conditions using a valid substitute provision that approximates the intended purpose of the invalid provision as closely as possible.

10.2 These Terms and Conditions and their execution shall be subject solely to Austrian law.

10.3 The sole court of jurisdiction for any claims resulting from the contract associated with these Terms and Conditions shall be the domicile of the congress organiser.